Baker Milling Road

About Milling Road

Inspired by the iconic and distinctive forms of the past, Milling Road reinterprets the familiar for today's casual, relaxed lifestyle. Versatile enough to stand alone yet crafted cohesively to work as a collection, each and every Milling Road piece helps shape the character of a room, with the craftsmanship and durability to last a lifetime.

Milling Road's Fresh Designs and New Perspecitves

Collaborating with some of the industry's most up-and-coming designers, each collection serves as a commitment to the cutting edge. Exhilaration through exploration. Celebrating the artisan spirit through shapes, materials, fabrics and finishes. The result is a portfolio of products, relevant for today yet refined for tomorrow. This is the evolution of luxury. This is Milling Road.

About Baker

  • The Finest Materials
  • From the early days of cabinetmaking, the search for choice materials has been one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of creating beautiful and durable fine furniture. Fortunately, it is one of our key strengths. At Baker, we choose materials of the highest quality, leaving them as pure and unadulterated as possible so their natural beauty shines through. We continue to hand-select woods and veneers for each individual item we make, choosing woods that are superior in color, cut and character. We use solid cast brass hardware, the finest stones and glass, and even the highest quality resins and gessos. The furniture that results from these exacting choices is not only beautiful but absolutely authentic, crossing from industry into true art.
  • Design That Endures
  • Good design lies at the heart of fine furniture. For Baker, that means a great collection assembled from more periods, styles, and international influences than any other maker. We believe that good design is more than just beautiful and functional: It is an integral, inseparable part of our lives, and therefore should be utterly, joyously livable. Whether it's a best-of-kind reproduction from a richly endowed historic era or an inspired original from one of our celebrated guest designers, each Baker design will remain as relevant and timeless tomorrow as it is today. As design continues to adapt to the ways we live now and in the future, our company will evolve along with it. But each item we make will continue to contribute to a sensibility that is uniquely Baker.
  • The Art of Craftsmanship
  • While design and materials create the potential for a furniture piece's beauty, craftsmanship determines the final result. Each day in our workshops, we apply skills that have long been forgotten by others. One of America's most respected designers once compared Baker to having a dozen custom shops under one roof. Our expertise includes carving, inlay and joinery, in a variety of styles and types. We employ crafters who are experts in those techniques and provide them with the time and tools to do their best work. The result is furniture with an extra measure of refinement, a quality that becomes more evident with each passing day.
  • Finish
  • A furniture piece's true beauty is brought to life in the finish process. Baker artisans prefer an Old World method of hand coloring, using an artist's palette of color applied with a small pad and a simple brush; adding one very thin layer at a time, applying and reapplying until it is perfect. This method creates a remarkably clear finish that reveals the wood selected for an item and allows us to see it in the appropriate context of color, breakup, highlighting, antiquing, and sheen. The collective effect of these techniques is to nurture and coax the full beauty of the furniture to full, illustrious life.

A Rich Tradition of Craft and Callaboration

At Baker, we have established a rich tradition of handmade quality and craftsmanship. We are proud to work side-by-side with extraordinary artisans and master crafters, their trades passed down through the generations for more than a century. Together, we produce authentic designs of incomparable quality, rich in a complexity and detail. These unique capabilities allow us to nurture collaborative relationships with the most respected designers from all over the globe. The result? Exquisite furniture that will stand the test of time, beautifully.

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