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Voluntary Recall Affecting Anti-Tip Kits Sold with Some Furnishings

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Alliance4Safety recently announced a voluntary recall for plastic furniture tip restraint kits that were sold with storage furnishings across the US since November 2019.

Alliance4Safety Statement

“On January 11, 2024, in coordination with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Alliance4Safety and a number of participating furniture companies announced the recall of a plastic furniture tip restraint kit manufactured by New Age Industries Co., Ltd., of Vietnam. Millions of these tip restraints were supplied to furniture manufacturers and importers for use with clothing storage furniture sold in the United States since November 2019.”

What is Affected

This recall involves plastic New Age Furniture tip restraint kits, “anti-tip kits”, that were sold with clothing storage units manufactured in Vietnam, and distributed by many furniture retailers.

The New Age anti-tip kits included a plastic zip-tie, two brackets, and two screws:


The plastic zip-tie used with the recalled furniture tip kits can become brittle or break, which can allow a clothing storage unit that is anchored to the wall to detach during a furniture tip-over event, posing a tip-over and entrapment hazard that can result in death or serious injuries to children.

Anti-Tip Kit Recall

*If you think you have this anti-tip kit, scroll down to learn about requirements and how to order a replacement.

What Types of Furnishings have New Age Anti-Tip Kits?

New Age Furniture anti-tip kits are paired with a wide range of furnishings sold at retailers worldwide. According to the Alliance4Safety, this recall could affect: “any piece of furniture manufactured or purchased after November 2019, that is a dresser, chest, or other piece designed to hold clothing.”

If you think this recall could affect one of your recent furniture purchases, please follow the steps below. In order to best serve our customers, Furniture Row is also sending a notification letter about the recall to all our customers who purchased an affected product, according to the mailing address we have on file.

How to Identify a New Age Anti-Tip Kit and Order a Replacement

Step 1:

According to the Alliance4Safety, If you’ve bought a piece of furniture with storage drawers or compartment since November 2019, you should first check to see who the manufacturer was. If the manufacturer of the item is listed below, you may have received a faulty anti-tip kit, in which case you’ll be eligible for a free replacement.

If you need help determining if your furniture was made by one of these manufacturers, or if you need to see a complete list of all furniture manufacturers affected by this recall, please visit the Alliance4Safety recall information portal

*Remember, the companies listed are those who manufacture the furnishings sold with defective kits. Furniture retailers are not necessarily included on the list because they partner with many manufacturers.

Here are all the manufacturers that Furniture Row partners with who use the New Age anti-tip kits affected by the recall:

  • Aspenhome
  • Homelegance
  • Liberty Furniture Industries, Inc.
  • Magnussen Home Furnishings, Inc.
  • New Classic Home Furnishings, Inc.
  • Samuel Lawrence
  • American Drew
  • Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC
  • Flexsteel Industries, Inc
  • Hooker Furnishings
  • Kincaid Furniture
  • Pulaski Furniture
  • Riverside Furniture
  • Standard Furniture Manufacturing Co., LLC
  • Universal Furniture

Step 2:

If your storage product was made by one of the above manufacturers, the next step is to identify if it came with a New Age anti-tip kit.

- The New Age anti-tip restraint kits included a plastic zip-tie, two brackets, and two screws and were sold with clothing storage units manufactured in Vietnam. If you installed the kit, these pieces should be anchoring your product to a wall:

Once you’ve identified that you have a New Age anti-tip kit, use this link to find out more about how to order a replacement. The link also contains helpful instructions and other resources for installing your new anti-tip kit once it arrives.

If you haven’t installed the kit, you can still identify it from its packaging:

- The packaging of the anti-tip kits is white with black lettering and includes installation instructions. Look for “Manufactured by New Age Industries” on the bottom of the packaging or on the instructions.