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What is my local store's contact information and open hours?

Store information can be found on our “Find a Store” page using the below link.

Find My Store

What does it mean when the item I looked at says "Online Only?"

Our buying team at Furniture Row® is always looking for great ways to expand our selection and our "Online Only" lineup is no different. These items are available for purchase in any of our stores, as well as online, and will ship to your local store where you can choose to pick it up, or have it delivered by the local Furniture Row® Delivery team. The only difference, your local store will not have this item on their floor to see it in person, it is only on display online.

The item I like online is marked clearance, what does that mean?

These Clearance items are brand new, out of the box products that are being phased out, or offered during a while supplies last promotion. These items are discontinued to make room for new and exciting editions to our ever expanding line up of products. While these items are going away, they still follow the Furniture Row® belief that we carry only pieces of lasting style that are made using the highest quality materials.

For a full listing of manufacturer defect coverage of a product please contact your local store or the Help Desk. As with all of our products, if the item has any noticeable damage out of the box at the time of possession, an exchange for the identical product may be authorized upon immediately contacting your local store or the Help Desk.


*All Outdoor clearance product(s) offer a 7-day exchange guarantee but do not include a warranty.

How long do product orders usually take, or what is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for my order?

For in-store purchases, many of our products are in stock at your local store and available for immediate pickup and delivery. If it’s not in stock, your product will be ordered from one of our nationwide distribution centers and then shipped directly to the store. Shipments arrive weekly, and most orders can be completed within 2-3 weeks*. As always, your sales associate at your local store will be able to give you the most accurate time frame for arrival to the store.

For online orders, an accurate ETA will be provided after entering your address and choosing the shipping and delivery options during checkout. If you need any additional help, please contact the Help Desk at 844-763-6278.

What is the STURDY Act and how will it affect my furniture??

The STURDY Act is a new piece of legislation, passed in 2022, which enforces new construction safety measures in furniture in order to better prevent furnishings from tipping over and causing injury. The STURDY Act becomes effective starting September 1, 2023, and it requires all case furnishings to pass the criterion of not tipping over when a 60lb. weight is placed in the center of each open drawer.

In order to accommodate these measures, furniture manufacturers will have to make sure that all of their future products pass the new anti-tipping criterion. In addition, furniture makers will also have to redesign many of their existing collections to meet the new criterion. This means that many of the products we currently have available for purchase will undergo structural redesigns by September 1st, 2023. Most of these redesigns will not be noticeable to the eye, but many will feature changes outlined below.

In order to meet the criteria of the new anti-tipping legislation, many of our existing case pieces will undergo changes related to the construction of their drawers.

Here are the most common changes you can expect.

  • Drawers will be redesigned WITHOUT full-extension glides. Instead of full-extension drawers, customers can expect case pieces 3/4 extension drawers.
  • Some pieces will be redesigned with deeper cases, meaning the drawers of certain products may actually become larger.
  • Some pieces will be redesigned to have drawers with weighted backs, making the drawers and the furnishings themselves slightly heavier.
  • Some nightstands will be reduced in height. The majority of nightstands available for purchase will not rise above 27” in order to keep their center of gravity closer to the ground.

How do I check on the status of my order?

For customers who have ordered online, please refer to your order confirmation email which provides an order status link with the current ETA as well as other information about your order. If you are unable to find your confirmation email or if you need additional help, please contact the Help Desk at 844-763-6278.

For customers who have ordered in store, please contact your local store or the sales associate who assisted you with your purchase for the most accurate information regarding your order. If you do not know your store’s number, you can find it on our Find a Store page.

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How do I apply for a Furniture Row® Credit Card?

You can apply by visiting your local store or by completing the online application found on our financing page.

Find My StoreFinancing

How can I contact Synchrony or access my Synchrony Furniture Row® Credit Card account?

For questions, call Synchrony customer service 1-877-295-2080 or you can register and manage your account at MySynchrony.

My Synchrony

Can I still make purchases with my Furniture Row® card by Capital One?

We are no longer offering the Furniture Row® Card by Capital One. You will continue to receive statements from Capital One until your balance is paid in full. You can access your account online at Capital One® Bank or call 1-877-560-0761 to speak with a representative.

FinancingCapital One® Sign-In

Do you offer layaway?

Yes, we offer layaway in our stores. We also offer multiple financing options (W.A.C.) that will let you take advantage of having the product in your home.

Do Furniture Row® stores offer gift certificate, and if so, how do I redeem them and do they expire?

You may purchase gift certificate at any Furniture Row® Location that may be used in any Furniture Row® in the United States. These may be redeemed at any of the Furniture Row® Companies. Ask your local sales associate about expiration dates. Furniture Row Gift Certificate cannot be redeemed for online purchases. To purchase a product you see online with a Furniture Row Gift Certificate, please contact your local store or the Help Desk at (844)-673-6278.

Can I make my finance payments here at the store?

No, all payments need to be made by mail or online. See the financing page for more information.


Can I buy an extended warranty?

Furniture Row® currently does not offer extended warranties. However, many of our manufacturers offer warranties beyond the standard one-year warranty offered by Furniture Row® companies. Our sales associates will explain longer manufacturer warranties as they occur in specific products.

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Can I order a product in a different color?

Many of our products are available in a variety of different colors, and all color options are clearly displayed on each product that has alternative options. Our online products feature clickable color squares in front of their portraits which show an image of the product in each available color. Our in-store products have alternative color examples on display and/or included within the product’s information sheet.

We are also proud to offer “special order” options on a variety of our upholstered products. Like with alternative color options, we are sure to clearly identify products that can be special ordered: Online, they are tagged with a “Special Order Available” feature, and in-store the option is shown within the product’s information.

Does the bed include a mattress?

Our bed frames do not include a mattress. Due to the variety of options available in mattresses, we want to make sure you are provided the opportunity to pick out the best mattress for your needs. Shop our Denver Mattress® selection here to find the best mattress for you.

Shop Mattresses

Why do you have sofas on racks?

Unlike other conventional furniture stores that might just show you a small piece of fabric or leather, Furniture Row® carries full size samples for your consideration. The colors shown on the racks are also stocked in our Distribution Centers.

What are the sales staff's favorite sets? What pieces have employees purchased?

Just as every customer has a different home or room, our employees have a variety of tastes and needs for their own homes. Our trained sales associates are available to answer any questions you may have.

Is a mattress upgrade available on sleeper sofas?

Many of our sleeper sofa options however are part of our Special Order program to offer an innerspring or upgraded foam mattress. For details about special orders and sofa sleeper upgrades, please contact your local store or the Help Desk at (844)-673-6278

Why does my sofa feel firmer or sit more firm when it was delivered compared to the way it felt in the showroom?

All sofas and upholstered furniture items will have a small "break in" period. The foam, at all levels of quality, will soften as the cushions are broken in. The items on our floor under go a process as soon as they arrive to the display floor to "break them in." After a short period of use, your new furniture will soon have the same comfort of the showroom products.

Will this particular room group be around if I decide to buy additional pieces in a year? What about in six months? How long will you carry it?

We suggest getting all of the pieces you want to complete your set at the time of purchase. Due to style changes, color changes, and vendor changes it is very difficult to predict if a piece will match down the road.

Can I mix and match items in a set?

While we have standard sets that we pre-build for customers, it is always possible to shop our collections à la carte in order to get the right pieces for your space.

Do you offer special orders on furniture?

We are proud to offer Special Order selections on a variety of our upholstery products. These items are identified with in store signage or online via the Feature, "Special Order Available." In store we display the available fabrics, along with schematics of the available pieces, with each collection that is part of our Special Order program. This gives you the opportunity to truly, make it yours.

Why can’t I add an item to my cart, or why do you have a product on the website if I can’t order it?

We take pride in the fact that we offer thousands of high-quality products from manufacturers and craftsmen the world over, and we want our customers to be able to see everything that we have to offer when they visit our website. Because so many of our products are coming from various international sources, there are some unavoidable instances when products are delayed. A product becomes temporarily disabled online when it is back-ordered or experiencing extended delays. When this happens, we leave the product visible online so that customers know that it is still a part of our product inventory. We also leave a message beneath the “Add to Cart” button to encourage all of our customers to contact their local store or the Help Desk at (844)-673-6278 to inquire on specifics behind the delay, or for any other ordering questions they may have.

Additionally, you may find a product that is not available to order online because it is sold exclusively through The Showroom at Furniture Row brand in Denver, CO. These items are not available nationwide and can only be purchased and received in Denver, CO. For additional details about these products, please contact the Help Desk.

Do you offer delivery? If so, how much does it cost?

Our delivery fees vary based on your location, the products purchased, and which type of delivery service you choose. If you would like to know the estimated delivery fee for a delivery to your home, please contact your local store or the Help Desk at (844)-673-6278. Sorry, we are unable to offer delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or internationally.

What does my delivery include?

Store to Door Drop Off: Product will be dropped off in its packaging and placed on the doorstep of your home or garage. Customer will be responsible for setting up furniture and disposing of all packaging. Assembly instructions included for assembly and setup. A person 18 years or older must be present to receive this delivery

Premium Delivery & Setup: Product will be unwrapped, assembled, and placed in the room of your choice before being inspected/tested with customer approval. All packaging materials will be hauled away by the delivery crew. Based on qualifying products and purchase amount.

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How long will it last?

The life of your new furniture will be dependent on your use and lifestyle. You sales associate is able to point out the various types of construction to help you determine the best materials and build for your furniture needs.

How can I order a part?

Please contact your local store to inquire on a possible parts order.

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Is my furniture made of solid wood?

While many of our products are constructed entirely of solid hardwood, some items may only include solid hardwood construction in high-impact areas such as the foundation or frame. In addition to a hardwood foundation, the product may also include MDF of furniture-grade plywood in low-impact or decorative areas where strength isn't necessary. The reason for this combination is to save on the cost of materials in order to guarantee more affordable prices alongside high-quality materials and additional support.

What is the difference between solid wood and a veneer?

A veneer is a thin sheet of wood which is applied to the surface of a piece of furniture in order to showcase the pattern or texture of the wood’s grain. In other words, veneering is an efficient and economical way of using the innately attractive qualities of wood to create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing surface. High quality veneers enhance the appearance of wooden furniture, and different types of veneer “cuts” can be used to display a wide range of grain patterns. For additional information about veneer cuts, types of veneers and other helpful definitions of common furniture terms, please visit our Furniture Glossary page.

Furniture Glossary

Solid wood means that the furniture is made without using veneers, and it also means that the piece does not contain any engineered wood, such as plywood, particle board, MDF, etc. All wooden furniture is made from a variety of different wooden components, but with solid wood furniture, each of those components are themselves one piece of solid wood. The wooden components may be “finished” with a paint, stain, or lacquer, but they are not made of smaller pressed particles nor do they feature veneers. Solid wood furniture is known for its exceptional strength and durability.

Are there user weight limits on your products?

Many of our vendors do not provide weight restrictions. Some vendors will test a product up to certain weights for normal everyday use, but this is not an industry standard available on all furniture lines. If you would like more information regarding weight restrictions on a specific product, please contact your local store.

Is leather durable? Do you carry kid-and-pet-friendly fabrics and pieces?

Leather is one of the more naturally durable coverings available in home furnishings. However, there are many Endurosuede® fabrics that provide excellent durability. Your Furniture Row® sales associate will be able to help you determine your needs based upon your lifestyle. They will also be able to explain the various types of leathers and fabrics along with the durability rating of each covering.

What is the difference between corrected leathers vs. non-corrected leathers?

Corrected leathers will have higher levels of pigmentation and protection that create a more consistent look with less care needed. Non-corrected leathers are more natural and reflect the natural markings that make each hide unique. This makes it softer and suppler, but requires greater care against spilling and stains. Visit our professional Sales Staff in store to show you the difference!

What is the difference between Microfiber and Endurosuede®?

Endurosuede® is our own term for Microfiber. Endurosuede® is 100% polyester with tremendous durability and is very easily cleaned.

What types of bed frames do you offer?

We carry a wide variety of bed frames created by trusted designers, name brand manufacturers, and showcasing all of today’s in-demand styles. From traditional sleigh and canopy beds to modern platform and upholstered beds, Furniture Row has the perfect bed frame to enhance the look of your space. Not a bed frame expert? No problem! For a complete list of common bed frame definitions and terminology, please visit our online Furniture Glossary.

Furniture Glossary

Are the products assembled?

Furniture Row carries a number of products of different assembly needs. Below are the types of products we carry and the level of difficulty in assembly:

  • Flat Packed - Full Assembly Required: Product is disassembled and packed flat for reduced shipping costs. Full assembly is required.
  • Complete Assembly Required: Product requires assembly. Typically larger products shipped in multiple boxes, or those which require two people to assemble. Tools are required and often included.
  • Light Assembly Required: Requires light assembly of larger components such as backs or legs, typically non-tool assembly or easy assembly with included tools.
  • Minimal Assembly Required: Requires assembly of minor components such as feet or handles.
  • No Assembly Required: Product is ready straight out of the box, no assembly required.

*Information is based on customers who select our Instore Pickup or Store to Door Drop Off Delivery Service, full assembly provided with our Premium Delivery & Setup Service

Where is this furniture made?

Furniture Row® shops the world over to bring you the very best in home furnishings. Some products are made here in the United States while others are directly imported from Europe and Asia. Furniture Row® is constantly shopping for the best quality at the best price.

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How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from Furniture Row® emails?

Please visit our subscriptions page to subscribe or unsubscribe from promotional emails. Customer's who have currently placed orders will still receive order updates via email. Customers however, will not continue to receive any promotional emails.

Email SubscribeEmail Unsubscribe

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from Furniture Row® catalogs and printed media?

Please visit our subscriptions page to subscribe or unsubscribe from catalogs and printed media. Since printed materials are prepared in advance, you may still receive mail items from Furniture Row for up to 12 weeks.

Catalog SubscribeCatalog Unsubscribe

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