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How to Style a Bookcase: Tips for Decorating Shelves

Shelves are a great tool to display all of your favorite collectibles, but it's important to consider the organization of these items in order to create a visually appealing presentation. Have you ever wondered how to style a bookcase? Look no further! These helpful tips will teach you how to decorate your shelving unit like a pro. bookcase-styling-FR-FrontDoorBlog

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Go big and bold with knick-knacks.

When choosing decor to display, it's important to try to fill the space between the shelves to avoid empty space. Pick items that make a statement and reflect your personal style. If the shelves are stocked with items that are too small to be viewed from afar, your space can start to look cluttered and disorganized. Hint: Try placing smaller pieces in more compact containers. For instance, seashells look great in a clear vase, like the one below. shell-collection

Stack books both vertically and horizontally.

Your bookcase isn't a library, so don't style it like one! Books can be organized both vertically and horizontally based on their sizes to create another element of visual interest.

Items next to each other should be of varying heights.

Many people think that you should put similar sized items next to each other on a bookcase to create a uniform aesthetic. We prefer to place items of varying heights in close proximity as it is more fluid on the eyes.

Top stacks of books with trinkets to create height variation.

Place trinkets on top of stacked books to give your bookcase depth and dimension. If a horizontal stack of books is the same height as another item, you can place a decor piece on top of the stack of books to create height variation. This is also a great way to display smaller trinkets that are too short to stand alone.


Put only mismatched items next to each other.

Try not to get too matchy-matchy when you are decorating your bookcase. Items that look best next to each other have contrasting colors and sizes.

Add some shine.

Bring a bit of shine into the mix when you style your bookcase. Adding a variety of textures will give your shelves depth and dimension.

Add natural elements.

Be sure to bring in natural elements when you style a bookcase. By adding a house plant or other decor with organic textures, you will make your bookcase seem fresh and appealing. plant-collection

Display Artwork or Favorite photos.

Framed photos can be a joyful reminder of friends, family, or a favorite vacation, and they look great on a bookshelf. It's also fun to mix and match frames for an eclectic vibe

Saturate with color.

Do you have deep blue curtains that you love or a bright red rug that delights you? Bring your favorite hues to your bookshelf when you are choosing home accents and accessories. Below, find a video recapping all of the tips we discussed about how to style a bookcase!