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Boho Design Comes Home to Furniture Row with Eden Cohen

Boho Design Comes Home to Furniture Row with Eden Cohen

Bohemian or “boho” design is becoming increasingly popular and is found more and more in home interiors. Fundamental to this eclectic design style is the combining of many different design elements. When it comes to boho design, the rules are - there are no rules! This anything goes approach lets you freely put your own personal touches into your décor. Boho living room design

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Boho design draws upon elements that are found naturally for much of its inspiration. Woods, metals, straw, fire, fur (nowadays most often imitation) and foliage all play a big part in contributing to bohemian interiors. Colors discovered throughout the natural world also play a role when it comes to boho design. These colors can range from earthy browns, grays and greens, to bright yellows, oranges and reds along with deep blues and purples. A key element to the featured room design is the color green. It can be found in throw pillows, accessories, and plants. The brilliant green glass chandelier is the focal point adding an unexpected touch of glamor to the rustic furnishings. The Stratus Sofa is a great fit to incorporate the easygoing boho style into your living room. This plush sofa invites you to sit back and relax. Further adding to the boho appearance of the room is the chocolate Mongolian faux fur throw and pillow. Grounding the room is the Magnolia Home Lotus area rug. Its carefree pattern speaks to the whimsy that is bohemian design. No matter how you choose to integrate boho in to your home the important thing to remember is to make it an expression of yourself and make it your own! GET MORE BOHO TIPS: Boho Bedroom Design with Eden Cohen


Eden Cohen is a Denver based interior designer and set stylist. Following a career in corporate communications, public relations and event planning, Eden decided to turn her attention to her true passion of interior design. She returned to school to obtain a degree in Interior Design. Today she can be found working on projects for interior design clients as well as styling the sets for print advertising, television commercials and motion pictures. Outside of design, Eden enjoys: spending time with her family and friends, exploring cultural events, art, music and food scenes, spending time in the outdoors as well as traveling for experiences and inspiration.