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Get a Chic Living Space with the Gordo Chair!

If you’ve ever shopped at Furniture Row, you know we have an expansive lineup of products for every room, style, and budget - and we’re constantly updating our collection with new finds from manufacturers across the globe. Despite our gargantuan selection, every so often a stand-out product comes along that our designers flag as deserving of some special attention - And that’s exactly what has just happened with the Gordo Swivel Chair!

During a recent project, our Furniture Row designers were styling a home using the Gordo, and they quickly realized that this accent piece was something that they just had to show to as many customers as possible. So, what makes the Gordo so special? Let’s take a closer look and find out: 

Gordo Chair Image

The Gordo Swivel Chair

The Gordo Swivel Chair is first and foremost a comfortable accent chair with high-end appeal that beautifully exemplifies the in-demand contemporary look. Its cube-like, minimalist silhouette is perfect for today’s homes, and it features wide, tuxedo track arms that lead directly into its modern, low-profile backrest. More than just easy on the eyes, the Gordo rests on a durable solid wood frame, it’s dressed in genuine Italian leather, and it even appears to float above the ground thanks to its convenient swivel base. 

All of these design elements make the Gordo a must-have addition to contemporary homes, but they aren’t the only reason our designers wanted to talk about it. The Gordo is actually a special find because it works so well with many other popular interior design styles!

A Chair You Can Use Just About Anywhere

in recent years. The biggest thing to know is that, instead of being focused on clean lines and a neutral color palette, today’s interiors are now all about blending contemporary foundational pieces with pieces that showcase disparate design influences from a variety of fun retro styles. Some of the most popular styles being mixed with contemporary foundational pieces are boho, vintage, industrial, and rustic - and guess what? The Gordo goes great with all of these styles and more! 

See, the Gordo works great as a contemporary foundational piece because of its clean-lined silhouette and tuxedo track arms, plus it has a swivel base which allows it to be placed just about anywhere. It also is dressed in genuine Italian leather in a classic brown color with sophisticated stitched accents, and it’s this exterior that allows it to work so well alongside other interior styles. Leather is a material that’s full of traditional character, so it automatically complements the rustic and vintage aesthetics, plus it showcases a natural light brown color that’s perfect alongside pieces with bohemian and industrial influences.

The Gordo In Action

To see how the Gordo can accomplish so many things, let’s take a look at how our designers used it to create a chic and sophisticated aesthetic in their latest project. 

When styling a smaller living space in a recently-built home, our designers started things off by using two Gordo Chairs in the center of the room. They then selected the Evolution Beige Rug, a rectangular rug which showcases an abstract print with both neutral and warm, earthy tones, to anchor the two Gordo Chairs while simultaneously cementing the room’s contemporary feel. 

Next, they wanted to pull in disparate design styles, so they first opted for the Knox 5 Shelf Bookcase because it offers a stunning rustic-industrial look with its black metal frame and thick, live-edge acacia shelves. Our designers also wanted to include something with vintage character in the room, so they went with the Sedona Lateral File Cabinet because of its worn, dark color palette and apothecary drawers. Lastly, the team found some boho-inspired artwork and decor to round out their vision of a room that expertly showcases the up-to-the-minute contemporary look. And - voila, an expertly styled room comes together beautifully thanks to the Gordo Swivel Chair!


The Gordo Swivel Chair is available for purchase today online or at your local store, so if you’re feeling inspired to revamp your home’s interior, don’t hesitate to take it home today!