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Furniture Row's 2024 Interior Design Trends!

What Our Professionals Have to Say

2024 Interior Design Trends

With the arrival of 2024, there’s this magnetic anticipation in the air to switch things up! Whether it’s to try something new or repurpose something we’re used to, we often gravitate to restyling our homes when we’re in need of a refresh - a new beginning.


To help offer some guidance when it comes to changing your home’s aesthetic, we asked our Furniture Row in-house designers to highlight some surefire interior design trends that you can expect to see throughout 2024 and beyond. Get ready to shake up your space, because Furniture Row’s 2024 style trends have something for everyone!


The 2024 Style Forecast

 1. Exposed Wood Bases

The first trend our designers want to call out is the proliferation of furniture that features exposed wood bases. The bases and front rails of sofas, sectionals, and lounge chairs often come upholstered, but now more than ever manufacturers and designers are leaving the wood bases of these pieces purposefully-exposed to deliver a contemporary twist and bring more natural material into the space. Furnishings with exposed wood bases are perfect for adding in an organic sense of warmth, and they are a surefire way to up the sense of designer-inspired style in your home.


Exposed wood furniture lets its innate beauty do the work, adding dimension to your room without overwhelming it. The organic allure of wood is very versatile, and even has the power to bring a room together. But the best part? Exposed wood bases allow you to play with dimension and they don’t compromise on longevity! Hardwood is a highly durable construction material, so these types of bases also can withstand years of heavy use.


If this cool, contemporary trend is calling to you, our designers urge you to check out the stylish Lyra Sofa Group.

Sage Green Leather Sofa Set in Room

About the Lyra Group

The Lyra Sofa Group is one of our newer collections, and it’s one of our favorites when it comes to delivering the new exposed wood look! 

  • The Lyra Collection consists of a two-over-two sofa, a loveseat, and a club chair, all of which offer clean lines and cool tuxedo backrests.


  • Each piece is beautifully encased in gray leather upholstery, and, of course, they all showcase beautiful exposed wood bases in an uplifting light brown color.


  • The Lyras offer a subtle mid-century modern vibe and add expert color contrast for a fashionable finish you’re sure to love.


2. Curved Silhouettes

A rapidly flourishing trend in recent years, and definitely continuing into 2024, is the art of curves. Yes, curves. Curvaceous furniture, creations with organic silhouettes, pieces overflowing with orbicular symmetry - they all enhance our visual and physical experience of a space. Curved furnishings instantly instill a chic, sculptural look that's both elegant and sophisticated, but they also deliver a welcome sense of softness and comfort.


Curves have been growing in popularity recently, and in 2024 we are seeing them emerge like never before. If you’re itching to furnish with something shapely but versatile, our designers highly recommend two popular sectionals with a refined curvy style: the Macon 7 Pc. Power Reclining Sectional and either the Grandover 2 Pc. Sectional or the Grandover 4 Pc. Sectional for larger spaces. 

Macon Sectional

About the Macon

The Macon 7 Pc. Power Reclining Sectional is calming, cool and undeniably eye-catching! 

  • The Macon is a large L-shaped sectional with a graceful curved backrest, and its smooth power reclining mechanism features cool ratchet-style headrests to flaunt its curved shape even further. 
  • The Macon’s modern arc armrests add another instance of graceful curves to the overall design, topped with plush pillow-tops for maximum comfort. 


White curvy fabric sectional with blue accent pillows

About the Grandover

For those ready to freshen up their living space with a trendsetting new piece, the Grandover Sectional is surely for you!

  • This seductive sectional brings together a low-profile backrest with an eye-catching curved chaise and streamlined track arms to perfect its modern design. 

  • More than just stylish, the Grandover is topped with cloud-like cushions boasting a luxurious blend of feathers and fiber.

  • The salacious curves of this sectional will add dimension to your living space and create allure around the art of lounging at home.

3. Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury encourages you to invest in your home, not just furnish it. This trend is about incorporating select high-quality pieces into your contemporary space to elevate the aesthetic. Importantly, quiet luxury is not about filling a room with finely-made furnishings - instead, it’s about using only one or two high-quality pieces to instill a subtle sense of sophistication. 

To create this look, start by finding finely-made items that complement your space and showcase a few refined design elements. Our designers recommend looking for items that speak to you and are made using premium, long-lasting construction techniques and high-quality materials like solid hardwood and top grain leather

The other aspect of quiet luxury to consider has to do with the “quiet” part of the name. A room with the quiet luxury look will contain a few high-end pieces that you’ve invested in, but the pieces shouldn’t steal too much attention with flashy elements and glossy finishes. Quiet luxury shines through moody tones and traditional color palettes, which is why quiet luxury statement pieces are often dressed in dark colors or deep earth tones for a distinctive atmosphere. Another way high-quality furnishings can have a "quiet" look is through the use of aging techniques applied to their surface, which delivers a perfectly understated, timeworn aesthetic.

*If you want to learn more about how to spend your money wisely on premium features, be sure to check out our new Sofa Buying Guide series on the blog!

To start your quiet luxury collection, our designers had three pieces to recommend: the Tivoli Sofa, the Xander Amish 5 Pc. Dining Room Set, and the Spruce Ridge Bedroom Collection.


Brown Leather Sofa with Track Arms

About the Tivoli

A winning combination of chic retro style and luxurious comfort, the Tivoli Sofa is the epitome of quiet luxury. Sitting on a handcrafted hardwood frame, this three-over-three seating area pairs plush high-density foam with luscious Dacron cushioning for sophisticated comfort. 

  • Its deep yet muted color profile radiates luxury through the supple Italian leather upholstery, bringing its fully padded exterior together for a distinctive seating arrangement. 
  • The Tivoli’s eloquent blend of high-quality materials and clean style curates the ideal foundation for quiet luxury to flourish in your space.


Xander Dining Group

About the Xander

Amish furniture like the Xander Amish 5 Pc. Dining Room Set first gained well-deserved attention in the early 20th century, but remains a staple source of craftsmanship that is perfect for quiet luxury. 

  • Composed of hearty brown maple, this attractive set shows off a trestle-inspired dining table with rugged live edges to instill a lived-in presence.
  • Its veneer-free, solid wood construction, paired with signature Amish building techniques, curates a stylistic artistry that will stand the test of time. 


White wooden bedroom set with Slat back headboard

About the Spruce Ridge

The exquisite rustic look such as found in the Spruce Ridge Bedroom Collection is ideal for bringing quiet luxury to your bedroom! 

  • Made from pine in a wire-brushed white finish, these pieces showcase the natural beauty of long-lasting, solid wood construction.
  • The Spruce Ride storage pieces also offer premium features like English dovetail drawers with cedar interiors and dark metal hardware. 


4. Track Arms

Though they've been popular for decades, our designers won’t let us talk about the styles of 2024 without mentioning track arms


Track arms are straight, squared arms that extend parallel to the seat. Track arms have minimalist appeal and often complement modern and contemporary furniture with a simple elegance that helps distinguish your seating in a space. 


So why track arms? With so many changes happening in the world of interior design, from tastes evolving to enjoy exposed wood and curves to new preferences for high-end and vintage pieces, it’s important to have a foundation that we can all agree on. Furnishings with track arms are likely to remain quite prevalent in 2024 and beyond because they are the perfect foundational pieces to start with when incorporating all these new trends! 


Two of our favorite pieces with track arms that have been receiving rave reviews are the Gordo Sofa and the Luscious 5 Pc. Sectional

Gordo Sofa Set. Brown Leather Sofa and Chair with Track Arms

About the Gordo

The sleek and stylish Gordo Sofa  was designed to elevate your living space with its crisp layout and premium features. 

  • The Gordo’s oversized seating area and tuxedo backrests are balanced out by its wide track arms, adding a touch of bold modern style and comfort.
  • The Gordo also rests on a solid hardwood frame and is upholstered in genuine Italian leather, and it looks great alongside the Gordo Swivel Chair!


Luscious Sectional. Dark Gray Fabric Sectional with Track Arms.

About the Luscious

Modern lines and laid-back comfort harmonize well in the Luscious 5 Pc. Sectional


  • The Luscious rests on a durable frame, its supportive seat cushions feature a blend of springs and webbing for enduring value.
  • The best part? The Luscious combines a low-lined backrest with its wide track arms so you can position the overstuffed loose cushions at any angle!



If there’s anything we can learn from the 2024 interior style forecast, it’s to never underestimate the impact of change. A project as simple as altering a shape, direction, or even taking something traditional and revitalizing it in modern contexts can dramatically affect the story our homes share. Happy decorating!

If you enjoyed learning about our furniture style trends for 2024, then be sure to check out our new and improved Furniture Glossary for even more helpful information about popular interior design styles - and don't forget to check out our Sofa Buying Guide series for everything you need to buy the perfect sofa for your home.