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Get the Look: 90% White and 10% Color


Ah, spring. The weather’s getting warmer and soon we’ll want that fresh, organized look in our homes. Spring cleaning certainly does the trick, but how about getting a blank slate? The all white everything look is crisp, clean, and chic all at once, but how about adding a fun pop of color to showcase your personality? You can do both by incorporating a 90% white and 10% color scheme in your home and saying goodbye to the darker hues of winter. This hot trend is something to tell your friends about. Here’s how to refresh your home with this unique style using products and inspiration from Furniture Row and The Showroom @ Furniture Row.

90% White

It might seem intimidating, but you can’t go wrong with white. White walls, white finishes, and white fabric or leather upholstery is minimalist and striking at the same time, and your guests will love this clean, airy look. When using 90% white in your home make sure larger furniture items such as sofas, beds, dressers, or dining sets are well, white. Wooden furniture with a crisp white paint finish such as the Toronto Dresser from Furniture Row is stunning in your 90% white room. Make sure when choosing a white finish, you stay away from rustic distressed whitewash finishes and opt for a smoother white paint or lacquer finish instead. In addition to wooden furniture, you can also choose white metal or white marble furniture to implement this shade in your living space. Items like the Blaine Coffee Table with a white marble tabletop are sleek and modern. For upholstery, choose pieces with neutral white fabric and avoid patterns or off-white colors such as beige, ecru, and eggshell, and instead choose a crisp frost or pearl white. The Clarence II Sofa and the Authenticity Slip Covered Barrel Chair are great examples of sharp white upholstery. For accents, make sure lighting includes white lampshades and that you include white accessories. If you’re hesitant about a white pillow, you can opt for a lighter gray throw pillow like the Seneca Pillow. Other white accents will balance the room as well. We chose the Red and Green Agave Plant in Ceramic Planter because of its white ceramic pot, which is a nice complement to the larger white furnishings.

10% Color

Now it’s time to add some color! After choosing your white furniture, bring in a shade of your choice for some fun contrast. We recommend you only choose one color, but you can also choose lighter and darker shades of the hue for a unique design creation. Brighter and more vibrant colors such as lime green, yellow, orange, red, pink, aqua blue, and violet work best, but don’t be afraid of selecting a darker hue like indigo for a dreamy contrast. Avoid choosing neutral tones or pale pastels, and remember that bolder is better! For our 90% white, 10% color room, we chose a bold orange-red color that brings some warmth to the icy white. Since you can only use 10% color, you must use accents. Ottomans, throw pillows, vases, rugs, and other small accents will help embolden your space with a lively splash of color without detracting from the crisp white. The Micro Velvet Pillow and Abbey Ottoman are great accessories that help bring our room to life. No matter what color you choose, your room will welcome 90% white and 10% color. Perfect for spring, this is a style trend you can’t forget. It’s so easy to replicate and you will feel like a true interior designer.