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How to Style Your Sofa with Throw Pillows

We love home accessories in any form, but one of our favorite accents is throw pillows. It sometimes can be difficult to choose the best set for your living room, so the Front Door has decided that we would give our viewers the run-down on how to style your sofa with throw pillows perfectly! From mixing and matching patterns to color palettes, we got you covered.

Throw Pillows Remastered


Mix-and-Match Patterns for Throw Pillows

A sectional or sofa looks best when the throw pillows include a variety of patterns. Some patterns to consider are florals, geometric, paisley, ogee, stripes, or solids. Having several different patterned throw pillows on the same piece of furniture adds depth, dimension, and visual interest. The main piece of advice when choosing mix-and-match patterns is to vary the scale of the print between large and small scale.

Colors and Textures for Throw Pillows

Make sure to edit the color palette for your throw pillows to three or four colors. Draw inspiration from other elements of your family room such as art, rugs, and various decor to get a cohesive look. You shouldn't try to match the sofa exactly - contrast is key! If you are using several solids, try to use a variety of textures such as fur, velvet, cotton, linen, or silk. You'll want to spread our colors and textures evenly along your couch. Don't put a matching set right next to each other if you want a sophisticated aesthetic.

Number of Throw Pillows

Always try to use an odd number of accent pillows for your sofa or sectional. Typically, you'll want 5-7 pillows for a sectional, and 3-5 pillows for a sofa. Don't overdo it - If you choose too many plush accents, you can overwhelm a space. Also, you want to leave enough room for your family and friends to sit comfortably. Pretty Combinations of Throw Pillowsblue-sectional

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