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Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Room-by-Room How-to

Spring is in the air, and it's the perfect time to refresh, rejuvenate, and give your home a squeaky clean scrub down! Here at the Front Door, we've published a year-round cleaning list, a weekly cleaning schedule, and now we present to you - a spring cleaning checklist! It breaks down chores room-by-room to ensure that each space gets the TLC it needs to be absolutely spotless. Download the printable version here.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

General House Tasks

Disinfect doorknobs and light switches Dust ceiling corners and upper crown molding Dust baseboards and clean scuffs Clean windowsills Dust edges of wall hangings and pictures Vacuum and dust lampshades Clean indoor /outdoor light fixtures and lamps Dust ceiling fans Vacuum and sweep under furniture Shampoo carpets Wash window blinds Vacuum and wash window curtains Change air and furnace filters Clean indoor and outdoor windows Remove, shake, and vacuum area rugs

Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Vacuum between furniture cushions Condition leather furniture Disinfect remote controls and gaming devices Organize electronics and accessories Disinfect and organize children’s toys Remove stains from upholstered furniture

Dining Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean and declutter cabinets and drawers Polish/clean wood furniture Wash table linens Disinfect table and wipe down chair legs Clean chair cushions Clean floor under area rug

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean and disinfect trash can Clean microwave Clean and organize refrigerator and freezer Clean oven Clean hood vent and filter Clean and disinfect garbage disposal Organize kitchen cabinets and drawers Organize the pantry and remove expired items Check freshness of herbs and spices Clean under sink Sanitize and polish cabinet doors [video width="404" height="404" mp4="/sites/default/files/uploads/2017/04/spring-cleaning-checklist-front-door-blog.mp4"][/video]

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Organize your closet Switch seasonal clothing and donate items not needed Clean and organize dresser Dust and organize nightstands Flip and rotate mattress Clean mattress Vacuum and sweep under bed Wash pillows and comforter

Bathroom(s) Spring Cleaning Checklist

Disinfect toothbrush holders Clean soap tray and pump Clean makeup brushes Clean shower caddy Wash shower curtain and liner Clean plastic strip on glass shower door Scrub under toilet seat and at base Wipe steam stains off walls Wash and disinfect bathtub/shower Clean trash can Disinfect towel racks and toilet paper holders Clean bathroom exhaust fan Clean shower head Properly dispose of beauty products not used in the past year Clean, declutter, and organize bathroom cabinets, drawers, and closet

Laundry Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean dryer vent Clean inside washing machine Empty washing machine drain pump Dust behind and underneath washer/dryer Remove unnecessary cleaning supplies Clean and organize contents of shelving

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Wipe away spider webs Sweep outdoor spaces Power wash decks and fences Wash outside door frames Clean grill Clean and repair gutters Clean patio furniture Shake out entry mat